From Backpacking to Glamping: Camping 101

by saraha 2. August 2011 01:59


Disclaimer: this is an opinion based on many years of camping both as a Boy Scout, Cub Master, Assistant Scout Master, and as a dad.

Just the Gear on Your Back:

Want to commune with nature? Then Backpacking maybe the ideal form of camping for you. This is where you really get to go back to nature. In this form of camping you carry everything with you and usually hike from the car to your camp site. The hike can be fairly short such or as long as many miles. Since you are carrying everything, you need on your back you want to look for small light weight gear. For example, you want to look for a small 2 or 3 person tent that is as light as your budget will allow. All food stuffs should be light, non-perishable. A backpacking stove is a must for hot meals and boiling water. As you begin backpacking, you should look for campgrounds that offer safe, clean water since boiling water and the chemicals to make water safe don't necessarily taste too good.

Loading up for Car Camping:

Maybe, you're not overly thrilled with the prospect of hiking miles, boiling water, and lack of restrooms. The next type of camping also known as tent, car, or family camping may be a good option for you. With this type of camping you are limited by the size of the trunk on your vehicle. You either cook over a fire, grill, or a larger Coleman stove. You can bring coolers of food and drinks. You can bring the deluxe 3 room cabin tent with a screen porch, air mattress or cots. Water is usually provided with a spigot in your campsite or one is shared by a couple of camp sites. Some campsites even have electricity. I guess this is why some tents now have places to put a window AC unit in.

Glamping It Up in the RV:

Welcome to the luxury side of camping. Of course, some camping purists would argue that RVing is not camping, but for our purposes, we are going to call RVng camping. Unlike backpacking and tent camping, RV camping does require a sizable upfront investment AKA buying the RV. Camping in an RV , you are still limited to what you can bring with you ,but it is also limited by the gross combined vehicle rating. This rating is the weight of both the toy vehicle and anything attached to it. With the comforts of home on wheels, RV campers can enjoy a real bed, kitchen, and bathroom without leaving the RV. Many campground offer hookups for power and water as well as sewer.

Questions: What camping styles do you enjoy the most? What questions do you have about camping?




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